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Ohio Union Railroad

I have been a model railroader since the 1960's and over the years have built a number of layouts. My current version of the Ohio Union railroad was started around 1999. My railroads tend to be free-lanced and tend to reflect an era from the 1970's onward. I enjoy constructing buildings and operations, thus the large number of buildings and sidings on the layout. The current layout has over 20 industrial sidings and a large classification yard.

The current layout is basically an around-the-wall in an area of about 13' x 13'. Three ovals traverse the perimeter of the layout with the inner oval dedicated to switching industries and the outer two serving as interchange tracks to the "outside world". I use a waybill operating system and have relied upon Peter White's program to create the waybills. (

I use Digitrax's DCC power system. At one time I had a reversing section and, I used Loy's Toys Automatic Reverse Section Controller (ARSC) to control polarity.  I believe Loy's Toys no longer manufactures this item, however, on my Manuals page is the instruction sheet for wiring this ARSC in your layout.

The pictures below are mostly from 2012 and later. The bridge area is a swing out section for access into the center of the layout. To start the slideshow, click on an image.

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